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Customer management

Antibes CRM has been designed from the outset as an entirely integral part of our system and completes the lifecycle of business generation from new retailers with selection of products through to ongoing customer support. Antibes CRM gives your customer service agents instant access to all of the customer information needed to resolve any issue including billing, sales and return orders, planned delivery's including variance in number of copies depending on season variance, recent interactions, and even suggested products to cross-sell and up-sell.

Sales reps can access the system real-time from anywhere to process orders, or get any other information contained within the Antibes system. Office based or remote users alike can have instant access to information such as full contact history with delivers, returns and sales history.

Multichannel Interaction

Antibes Multichannel Interaction provides the ability to interact with a customer via phone, fax, email and web collaboration. This increases the ease and methods of customer contact. No matter what channel customers choose to use, you'll be able to manage all their interactions.

Features & benefits

  • Receive interactions from multiple channels, including voice, fax, email and web

Customer Self Service, E-sales

Give your customers real-time, 24-hour access to delivery and return status information via the Internet using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Antibes Customer Self Service recognises the customer and personalises the experience by providing specific and relevant information and promoting their improved communication. This lowers the cost of routine transactions and frees your agents to devote more time to retailers with special issues.

Features & benefits

  • Retailers online access to order status, account balances, and account information
  • Sales order entry and review
  • Request for returns

Mobile Sales

Empower your field sales team with the right information at the right time and place regardless of location or connectivity. With Antibes Mobile Sales application, the sales person has access to contacts, forecasts, and tasks, increasing productivity while away from the office.

Features & benefits

  • Account management
  • Activity management
  • Selection
  • Customer Scorecard
  • Forecast management including Season variation in demand
  • Order store equipment
  • As a part of the CRM system service agents have access to all past and planned, including activities carried out during the visit. Field service also has access to customer calls and activities carried out during the call.


Easy selection analysis for the retailer.

Features & benefits

  • Ability to lock selection for retailer or groups of retailers
  • Ability to block part of selection for a retailer, e.g. Erotic magazines
  • Automatic recycling of selection

Blocking of retailer

Flexible options to block retailers from delivery.

Features & benefits

  • Block for season
  • Block for holiday, unpaid, closed account
  • Block specific products
  • Block groups of products
  • Demand on number of sold copies

Advanced pricing

Antibes software can help you manage complex and volatile sales environment effectively. With pricing software, you can easily manage any number of prices and special offers, based on any hierarchical combination of product, product group, customer, or customer group. This allows you to maximise revenue and profits through individualised pricing.

Features & benefits

  • Make adjustments to base prices that reflect numerous criteria, including market segment, item unit of measure, payment terms, currency, and exchange rate
  • Protect profit margins by using preset margin guidelines that give your salespeople room to negotiate
  • Manage rebates and volume-based discounts by accumulating accruals in defined general ledger accounts

Customer Scorecard

Thought leaders agree that an effective customer relationship management (CRM) solution must be both analytical and operational in nature. It must not only support your customer interactions, but also help you learn more about your customers-what they want and how well you are serving them. A complete CRM solution also provides a true understanding of customer profitability, enabling you to plan and monitor results.

By integrating enterprise wide information about customer behavior, business operations, and profitability, Antibes Customer Scorecard provides a framework by which you can create strategies, plan, and measure marketing, sales, and support activities to drive profitable long-term customer relationships.

Document management

Marketing documents, email attachments and correspondance can all be safely stored and tracked against CRM data. Documents can be instantly recovered to be edited, directly emailed or printed.


Antibes has a flexible invoice system for retailers. Different retailers or groups of retailers can have different periods of invoice.

Features & benefits

  • Archiving of produced documents
  • Interface against accounting system
  • Printing of invoice
  • Possible to send invoices to packing system
  • EDI
  • Flexible account-code system