Comprehensive software solution

Antibes provides a solution that includes all the business processes and associated systems for a customer, including billing, delivery and returns. Antibes has 100 % focus on distribution and marketing services of newspaper and magazine and the special business processes that characterise this type of business.

Sales solutions provide a single repository for customer and supply chain information

The Antibes sales solution includes enhanced applications for sales order automation, sales order entry, mobile sales, and product configuration. This enables companies to respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries.

Advanced date handling

Any information about products/customers can easily be changed for current and future dates. Full change history is avalible online.

Superior service solutions

Antibes service solutions ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction by providing insight into customer order, return and billing information.

All required information in one place

Agents dealing directly with customers have the consistent and accurate information they need to resolve issues on the spot. This is a powerful time and cost saving advantage.