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Workflow / Case Management

Antibes Workflow and Case Management gives your customer service agents full control of all contacts with your retailers. It's give you the opportunities to set up workflow to effective handle for example the establishment of a new retailer or product. The workflow keep track of every task that is a part in that particularly work. Information between service agents can be sent by email or be send as a alert to Antibes work queue. Case Management ensure quality in your contacts with retailers.

Features & benefits

  • Rules-based alerts and escalation can be set up to meet customer service policies and contract terms
  • Personal comments
  • Reminders
  • Work flow features let you route calls based on product, customer level, geography, or other parameters and build in automatic emails or alerts for follow-up or escalation
  • Multichannel capabilities allow you to receive and manage customer interactions across all channels, including voice, web, fax, and email
  • Transfer cases between operators
  • No person dependency to follow up earlier contacts
  • Get back to customers as promised without any need for “post-it notes”
  • Work flow, keep track of activities that are mandatory for e.g. creating a new customer or product
  • Move jobs automatically between operators/roles
  • An activity can be manual, batch job or reporting